Curriculum Vitae


Education and Training

2020-2023 - University of California, San Francisco, Pediatrics Resident

2013–2020 - Albert Einstein College of Medicine (Bronx, NY), Medical Scientist Training Program
M.D. (Doctor of Medicine)
Ph.D. in Systems & Computational Biology - Thesis: Deriving novel insights from genomic heterogeneity in cancer

2008-2012 - University of Georgia (Athens, GA)
B.S. Genetics
Minor: Spanish
Certificate in Interdisciplinary Writing

Languages: English & Spanish (fluent)


Technical Experience

Programming Languages

R: Statistical analyses with glmnet, data munging with base R and dplyr, data visualization using ggplot, web design using blogdown/Hugo, tidyverse. R package development, app development (RShiny).

Bash/Unix: Submitting and running parallel jobs on HPC cluster, data munging

Knowledge of Python, javascript/HTML5/CSS.

Extracurriculars and Skills