Data Science Consulting

I want to help you understand your data. Especially if you’re working in the biomedical or clinical sciences. I work with academia, industry, and the public sector. My portfolio gives a sample of what I help with.

Email me at with any questions or requests. I’ll respond to your email, and we can set up a call to discuss the scope of your project. My goal is to get a sense for what needs to be created and why, what data is available, and who the audience is. Providing examples (if they exist) will also help me understand what you’d like to create. We’ll also discuss a timeline and budget early on so that we can focus on completing the project.

I love to teach and can speak with your organization about data visualization, R, RShiny, or reproducible research in the health sciences.

Below is a more detailed description of what I can help with:

Data visualization

  • Static graphics for print or web
  • Tools: R, RShiny, d3.js, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft PowerPoint

Application Development

  • Web and mobile applications (example: ***)
  • Websites (Dynamic or Static)

Data engineering and analysis

  • Reproducible statistical analysis
  • Study design
  • Data gathering from:
    • Public databases or APIs
    • Non-traditional sources (eg PDF docs)
    • Genomic databases